wool soakers…

13 05 2008

Here are some pictures of wol soaker pants i have made for my Azie to wear overnight as diaper covers.  Wool is great becasue it allows those tender baby bottoms to breathe!  I havent had a bit of diaper rash on Baby Bear’s bum since i started woolies for overnight, and if he gets a litle red from the daytime diapers, he’s over it by the morning!

Anyway, i ordered a pattern from Dandelion Dreamers (on hyena cart) for crochet shorties & longies and pulled all of my wool yarn out… and here is the result!

These awesome longies are Lamb’s Pride in turquoise & chocolate brown.  Is there anything cuter than a 4 month old baby in wool longies?

I have more in the works – a pair for Sarah from ivory Lambs Pride, grey wool (i dont know brand or anything) in alternating stripes &  the waistband & leg ribbing is in Lambs Pride lavender.  Although Sarah is a little suspicious of woolies…

I have both knittes & crocheted woolies, and the crochet seem to be more waterproof.  Maybe it’s becasue crochet takes so much more yarn that there is more wool per square inch than in knit? I dont know, but Knit is more flexible & lighter so maybe better for summer, but crochet is great for super-soaking overnights.