About LunamothMama and her cute little family

Born in 1977

Lived in West Virginia, summers on Martha’s Vineyard

taught to crochet, sew, and embroider by Mom – lifelong obsession with craftiness begins

discovers the joys of recycled clothing at thrift stores and free swap shops.  Will dress like a gypsy for at least the next 20 years.

Graduated High School in 1995

Moved to Vermont for college, dropped out of college, moved to Martha’s Vineyard full-time

Worked in a retail home furnishing store

bought a new sewing machine and starts hoarding fabric and yummy yarns

sews own wedding dress when the realization hits that all the dresses worth wearing are $1000 and i have no money

Married Russ on September 27, 2003

Went back to college, worked really hard at it

Sarah Ruth born June 7, 2005

Graduated from Vermont College in 2005, degree in Secondary Education and Art History

Was a stay-at-home mama for 1 year then went to work in a cubicle

Azor Forrest born November 15, 2007

Started sewing & designing my own baby carriers

discovers the wonders of crocheted wool diaper covers

and now i have started a blog!


2 responses

13 05 2008
Peggy Maitland Henry

Jess: I am very impressed! I knew you were creative, but think you are so comfortable just talking about your inventions. My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet many, many, MANY years ago, but arthritic hands have prevented me from doing much in that line these days. (Great to see pix of Azor).

Love, Grandma

10 05 2009

I was wondering if you have ever sold your crocheted wool diaper covers?

My son is 6 months old and I am trying to take the leap into cloth.

I am unable to knit or crochet! Thanks!

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