Cowl/Headscarf/Hat Crochet pattern

6 02 2010

This is adapted from a headscarf pattern i found online, which i have since lost the link to.   I will get some action shots up shortly 🙂

– Worsted weight yarn, any kind (i use Red Heart Classic then wash with fabric softener to make it nice and snuggly soft.  Also used Brown Sheep Company’s Lamb’s Pride)

– H hook

*Chain 68 (or enough to fit around your head comfortably)

*sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch around, join

*Ch 3 (counts as 1st hdc)  hdc in each sc around, join

*rep ch 3, hdc round 6 times

*ch 4, sk next hdc, dc in next st, ch 1, sk next st, dc in next, ch 1, rep around, join

*ch3, dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1, dc in sp, rep around, join

*rep dc, ch 1 rounds 6 times

*ch 3, hdc in each dc and ch 1 sp around, join

*rep hdc round 7 times

you can add or subtract the dc ch1 round to make it as long as you want.  i find this is a perfect size to be convertible.


Ch 70, or as many as you started with plus 2

weave through 1st row.  tie together with a matching bead knotted on

to make it a cowl, stretch it out to it’s full width and pull over your head.

for a headwarmer/headscarf, pull from the cowl position up over your ears with your hair out the back.

for a hat, pull the tie to cinch the top.

you can stripe it, or make it from variegated yarn.

you can use a different weight yarn, just adjust you hook size apporpriately and do the starting ch long enough to go around your head.  i made a lovely lightweight one out of fingering weight alpaca, just chaining about 130 with an E hook, and made the dc ch1 mesh 4 inches long, and the hdc rows were 2 inches long each.




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